Sanhigia, leaders in the supply of surgical materials

Sanhigia, the history

Sanhigia started selling medical and orthopaedic equipment and material in 1993. In 1997 the company was incorporated as a limited company with the current name, Sanhigía, S.L., carrying out the same activity. In 2007 the company moved its facilities to its current location in the town of Bujaraloz (Zaragoza). We have been in the dental sector for more than 30 years.

Our speciality is the supply and training of oral and maxillofacial surgery products. We have lines of bone regeneration, all kinds of surgical techniques, microsurgery, magnification, surgical instruments and in general any product related to oral surgery. We have several exclusive surgical materials that share a common characteristic, their innovation in any field of surgery.


Sanhigía focuses all its efforts on ensuring the best service through the availability of stock of all the products in the catalogue. We have facilities of more than 1500 square metres in Zaragoza which, together with the first class human team that manages it, make possible day by day the possibility of supplying any product of our catalogue, avoiding unnecessary waiting and reducing to the maximum the delivery time of the material. We deliver in 24 / 48 hours and if it is an emergency, count on us, you will have the material on the same day.

Our commercial network

Sanhigia also has its own sales network, specialised and trained in oral medicine. They are focused on offering each client a personalised service throughout Spain. They work closely with their customers to make their day-to-day lives easier, offer them the latest market innovations and adapt to their needs.

Another of Sanhigia's key pillars is training, we are involved with Universities and Masters, collaborating and providing material for them, so that students can carry out their practices with first class materials.

CORE Surgical - Sanhigia training plan

We also have our own training plan, Core Surgical. In which we offer specialised, top-level training in the field of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery. The teachers are specialists in the subjects they teach and give 100% to provide value to their colleagues who want to specialise.

Our strong specialisation in the surgical field, together with our experience in training activities, make our company an indispensable partner in any practice that carries out any activity related to implantology, periodontics, or any other discipline that involves a surgical act. -
Jesús Senar Sancho - CEO

escudo de MEIC 22/02/2025
escudo de MEIC 22/02/2025