CORE Surgical - Plan formativo de Sanhigia

Core Surgical was born in the year 2019 as a training plan of Sanhigia. Its main purpose is to offer specialized and quality training in the world of odontology. Above all, we focus our efforts on training about the new pathologies that are becoming more and more common in the clinic: prevention of peri-implantitis, methods to deal with it, regenerative surgeries and bone regeneration, sinus elevations, hard and soft tissue management.

In addition, in our courses we use the new systems of the market that facilitate the day to day of the clinic. Learning to amortize their acquisition to the maximum and to know how to use them correctly and for the largest possible number of treatments.

We have a network of high level professionals both nationally and internationally who teach these subjects. They divide the courses in theoretical and practical part to achieve the best results, they adapt to the needs of the students and solve cases that happen to them in their day to day as professionals. They approach the courses from the introductory phase to the highest level in order to train all students, no matter what stage they are in.


Currently active courses

Sanhigia Webinars

We have given around 50 webinars, with more than 3 thousand participants talking about current topics in the world of dentistry: new techniques, treatments, approaches on how to deal with pathologies. We do one a month.
In these webinars you can directly ask any questions you may have to the Doctor who gives it.
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escudo de MEIC 22/02/2025
escudo de MEIC 22/02/2025